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The Takao Club website presents a collection of fully illustrated explorations into the history and culture of Taiwan (Formosa), with particular focus on Takao (Takow, Kaohsiung). The site includes pages on Robert Swinhoe, Father Fernando Sainz, Mona Rudao, Lin Shao-mao, the ShaoChuanTou area of Kaohsiung, as well as on Camphor, Opium, Foxes and Betel Nuts.


The Mona Rudao Files

The Incidental


The Camphor 


The Opium


The Swinhoe Files

The ShaoChuanTou


The Personnel


The Road to BanKimCheng

The Tale of

Lin Shao-Mao 

The Landsborough


The George Carter Stent Files

The British Consuls in South Formosa

The British Consulate File

The Takow Foreign


The Chinese Fox Myth File

Hirohito Comes to Takao

The Tamsui Foreign Cemetery

A Taiwanese Fox Tale

The Benjamin Sewall File

The SS President Hoover File

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