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Boyd and Orr Family Trees


Boyd Family


1. James BOYD (Watchmaker) married Mary LAWRIE. They had two Sons:


1.1 James Lawrence BOYD (22 April 1828 at Cupar, Fife – 11 March 1907 at Edinburgh[1]). Married Anne Mouat HANNAY (22 December 1840 at Crail,Fife – 10 September 1926 at Edinburgh; parents George Francis HANNAY and Robina CUNNINGHAM) on 9 September 1863. No issue recorded.


1.2 Thomas Deas BOYD. Born 1 March 1831 at Cupar, Fife; died 28 May 1915 at Craigflower, Torryburn, Fife (death witnessed by C J Lawrence BOYD, his son). Married Isabella ELDER (Born 22 September 1833 at St Monance, Fife; died 11 July 1921, at Craigflower, Torryburn, Fife. Death witnessed by C J Lawrence BOYD, her son), daughter of Alexander ELDER and Margaret MORGAN (previous maiden name MARR), at Canton, China. They had 6 children:


1.2.1 Thomas Morgan BOYD. Born c1862 at Amoy; died Bournemouth 1925. Married Isabella RICHARDSON (b c1869 at Swatow, China) at Swatow c1888, but divorced in 1901.[2] Three known children:  Esmé? Mabel BOYD. Born Amoy c1893.  James Lawrence BOYD. Born 18 August 1891 at Amoy; died 15 June 1930 at Arosa, Switzerland.[3]  Thomas Cecil BOYD. Born c1897 at Amoy; died 21 July 1917, France. Captain Thomas Cecil Boyd, 1st Battalion Attached to 7th Battalion Cameron Highlanders, aged 20. Son of T M Boyd and Isabella Boyd of Glendouglie, Glenfarg, Perthshire. Buried at Wimereux Communal Cemetery, near Boulogne, France.


1.2.2  Lilian Mary BOYD. Twin sister of Edith Margaret BOYD. Born 24 July 1863 at Newburn, Fife; died 27 October 1953. Unmarried.


1.2.3  Edith Margaret BOYD. Twin sister of Lilian Mary BOYD. Born 24 July 1863 at Newburn, Fife; died unknown. Married William Snell ORR (see Orr Family) at Edinburgh on 17 February 1887.


1.2.4  Alice Isabella BOYD. Born c1866. Unmarried.


1.2.5  Charles Lawrence BOYD. Born c1868 at Amoy; died 25 October 1936 at Edinburgh, aged 68 years. Was an Advocate. Unmarried.


1.2.6  Mabel Lawrie BOYD. Born 1873 at St Andrews, Fife. Married Jackson RUSSELL in 1900 at Edinburgh.




Orr Family


1 Robert Duncan ORR (born 17 May 1822 at Largs, Ayr [parents were Robert ORR and Janet CAMPBELL]; died 16 April 1885, at Helensburgh[4]). Agent for Clydesdale Bank, Helensburgh) married Mary Dalglish SNELL (b. c1827 at Glasgow) at Rhu or Row, Dunbarton, on 3 August 1847. They had 10 children:


    1.1 Robert ORR. Born 8 July 1849 at Rhu or Row, Dunbarton.


1.2  William Snell ORR. Born at Rhu, Dunbarton, on 1 November 1850; died 1922 at Chertsey, Surrey. Married Edith Margaret BOYD (see Boyd Family), aged 23 and daughter of Thomas Deas BOYD, at St Giles Parish Church, Edinburgh, on 17 February 1887. They had three children:


        1.2.1  Margaret Isabella ORR. Born c1887 at Amoy.


1.2.2  Robert Boyd ORR. Born 1890 at Amoy; died 5 April 1946 in Surrey, England. He married Clara Gertrude NICHOLLS (born 1880 at Islington, London) about 1918 at Shanghai. They had four children:  Kenneth Boyd ORR. Born 16 November 1919; died April 2000 at Yeovil, Somerset.


     William B ORR. Born c1923 at Tamsui, Formosa.


     Alexander Boyd ORR. Born c1924 at Amoy, China.


     Elizabeth M ORR. Born c1928 at Tamsui, Formosa.


1.2.3  Lilian Mary ORR. Born c1891 at Amoy, China. In 1946 was still alive and unmarried and living at Longhurst Copse, Chiddingfold, Surrey.


1.3  Alexander Thoms ORR. Born 16 May 1852 at Rhu, Dunbarton. Married Kathleen  (born c1865 in Hampshire) about 1895. Two known children: Archie C. ORR born c1896, Aberdeen, Scotland; and John S. ORR born c1898, Aberdeen, Scotland.


    1.4  Jessie Campbell ORR. Born 10 July 1854 at Rhu, Dunbarton.


1.5  Mary Dalglish ORR. Born 1856 at Rhu, Dunbarton. Did not marry. Living with mother at Row in 1901 Scottish census.


    1.6  Elizabeth ORR. Born 1857 at Rhu, Dunbarton.


    1.7  Margaret ORR. Born 1859 at Rhu, Dunbarton.


    1.8  Alice ORR. Born 1861 at Rhu, Dunbarton.


    1.9  James Arle (or Anderson) ORR. Born 1864 at Rhu, Dunbarton.


1.10  David Rankine ORR. Born 1866 at Rhu, Dunbarton; died (drowned) in May 1890 at Amoy.


[1] JLB died at 39 Moray Place, Edinburgh. Was a Solicitor at the Supreme Courts. Death witnessed by C J Lawrence BOYD, his nephew.

[2] See wife's petition in National Archive Divorce Court File 2413, Appellant Isabella Boyd, Respondent Thomas Morgan Boyd, Type- Wife's Petition.  Reference Item J 77/737/2413.

[3] Joined Royal Navy. Listed as Lieutenant in 1917. Played cricket for Royal Navy from 1913 to 1919.

[4] Helensburgh is about two miles from Rhu. Row is the old name for Rhu, it was changed in the 1920s.

Sources: General Records Office in England; General Registry in Scotland; et al.


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